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Dental Services for the entire familyDental Shine in Chicago, Illinois offers many dental services to patients of all ages.

Cleaning and Exam
Our dentists complete a thorough teeth cleaning and exam, which we recommend you receive every six months. We remove the excess plaque your toothbrush missed, check teeth placement, look for cavities, and use professional-grade toothpaste as well as a fluoride treatment. The exam alerts us of any potential problems or issues that need to be addressed right away.

If you have a cavity, Dental Shine will stop the spread of the decay with our advanced fillings. Today's dental fillings are almost clear and aren't very noticeable. We remove the decayed area of the tooth and inject the filling substance to relieve the pain and save the tooth.

When a decaying tooth cannot be saved by a filling or other restorative methods, we may need to extract, or pull the tooth. This also may be necessary if a tooth gets broken or cracked. Dental Shine will use local anesthetic to numb the area and remove the tooth as gently as possible. A porcelain veneer may be put in where the tooth was, depending on the individual. We also offer wisdom teeth removal, a common and specialized extraction procedure done in young adults to prevent these teeth from crowding other teeth.

Root CanalsDental Services
If a tooth is cracked or has a deep cavity where bacteria can enter the pulp tissue, a root canal will stop the infection and save the tooth. First, the affected tissue is removed. Then the interior of the tooth is cleaned and sealed, and finally, the tooth is filled with a composite. You may need a crown over the tooth if the decay was extensive.

Dental Shine uses x-rays on children's teeth to monitor development and on adult teeth if it can help examine a problem more closely. Advanced digital x-rays use less radiation than traditional x-ray technology and provide clearer photos to pinpoint any problems.

If you have lost teeth in the past or need multiple teeth removed, Dental Shine can restore your smile with dentures or partial dentures. There are different types, and your dentist can help you determine the best type for you. Each denture set or partial is custom-sized to exactly fit your gums and fit in between your natural teeth. We begin this process with a consultation.

Dental Shine offers restorative dentistry for many types of dental problems, from mild to severe. This includes veneers, bonding, bridges, and other procedures.

Dental-ShineGum Disease
The team of dentists at Dental Shine helps prevent and treat gum disease, including gingivitis and periodontal disease. There are certain risk factors that contribute to these diseases and can be avoided to prevent gum disease. There are also health conditions that can increase your risk. Our dentists will educate you on these risk factors to show you how to prevent gum disease as well as what symptoms to watch for.

Sealant procedures can add another layer of protection against decay beyond brushing. We use a plastic resin that bonds and hardens into the grooves of your teeth. This is typically done on older children who have recently gotten all their permanent teeth, but can be done on adults.

The staff at Dental Shine is a diverse, experienced team of dental professionals that can meet all your dental needs. Read more about each team member below.
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Our Doctors and Staff


Dr. Firas El-muqdad
Dr. Firas El-muqdad earned his bachelor of science (pharmacy) degree from Jordan University of Science and Tech in 1993. In 1999 he earned his Bachelor of Science (biology) degree from University of Central Florida. Then Dr. Firas earned his Doctoral degree of Dental Surgery from Marquette University in 2003. Upon graduation from Dental School Dr. Firas began his career practicing dentistry in the Chicago area. He now owns and operates the Dental Shine Clinic in Chicago. He is Board Certificated and Licensed to practice in Illinois.

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